Keeping Your Dog Safe on A Hike

Last week I talked with Karen Bostick about her dog, Tinks. Karen is founder of a place for social pet lovers, and Tinks is her adorably cute maltipoo. Karen and Tinks are huge advocates of keeping dogs safe and happy. We talked about one of Tinks’ favorite pastimes: off-leash hiking. Here are a few tips I would recommend when embarking on this fun outdoor activity with your pet.

We love Tinks

Tinks loves the outdoors!

What Should You Feed Your Dog?

The other day I was playing with a dog who was very excitable.  The owner talked to me about her dog’s hyperactivity, lack of focus, and general inability to learn. Based on the behavior I was seeing, I guessed that the dog was on what I would consider a poor quality diet. I was correct. The owner was amazed that I knew what her dog was eating. It seems like magic, but the reality is I find that dogs eating junk food act in a predictably crazy, out of focus, sort of way and owners often describe them as having “ADHD.” So what should you be feeding your dog?

Best Dog Food

BlogPaws2014-Going-160x160I’m going to my first BlogPaws Conference. Can’t wait to meet other bloggers and learn more about blogging!

Date: May 8, 2014
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Choosing a Dog: Part 3: How to Select the Right Dog

This is the final part of a 3 part series on choosing a dog. In Part 1 you contemplated your perfect dog.  In Part 2, you saw the different places you could get a dog.  Using information you learned in those two sections, you have found a few possible dogs to bring home.  Now in this section you will learn how to select the best dog for your family. Selecting the right dog is more than just finding the right breed type, color, or gender.

Stray dogs

APDT-2014-SMBadge-SPEAKERI’m excited to be offering a workshop on dog-to-dog play during this year’s APDT conference. The workshop will be held on two different days so you have two chances to attend. In addition, I’ll also offer a session on time management called “Beat the clock – shave time off work, create more margin in life”

Date: October 15, 2014—October 18, 2014
Event: 2014 APDT Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show
Topic: Friend or Foe - Dissecting Dog to Dog Play and Beat the Clock - shave time off work, create more margin in life
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