Why I Love Platform University


Want to reach more people with your message? Looking for ways to succeed faster? Then let me introduce you to a great learning opportunity. I’m not an affiliate…I just LOVE the program and want to share the knowledge! Platform University – how I love you so! Let me count (just a few of) the ways:

  • Platform University offers GREAT information packed with new ideas from an EXPERT in the platform building field. Those who know me know I admire and respect Michael Hyatt an he’s the guy behind Platform University. If you haven’t read his book, Platform, start there! Want to get noticed in a noisy world? Platform University will help.
  • Everything at Platform University is in easy ACTIONABLE steps which makes implementation super easy. Taking one step at a time you’ll build your platform without being overwhelmed.
  • You can access Platform University from any of your devices at anytime, making learning FLEXIBLE.
  • Michael Hyatt’s values and integrity are in line with my own brand. This is someone you can TRUST.

I’ve been a member of Platform University since it first launched (2 years ago) and it’s been well worth the money.  If you’re interested in learning more about increasing visibility for your product, service, cause, or brand, check out Platform University today! Enrollment will open soon!

Why Your Dog’s Training Class Isn’t Working

Have you ever attended training classes and marveled at the brilliance of your dog’s behavior only to get home and wonder why your dog is no longer well-mannered? Sadly, this isn’t uncommon. I recall one very frustrated owner telling me her dog was great with people in class but would still act like a nut when people walked by the house at home.

mugshot dog

3 Things I Learned about Pet Care Businesses by Working with Camp K9

Recently I had the pleasure of working with the staff at Camp K9 Petcare Center in Madison, WI. This was a short notice consulting trip. Lori Campbell (who owns Camp K9 with her husband, Duncan) called me because she knew I would be in the area and asked if I would stay an extra day to come to her place. Lori is a charter member of The Dog Gurus and her facility uses Knowing Dogs, so I was excited for the chance to work with them. I am so glad I did! Camp K9 was amazing! Not only was the facility gorgeous, but the staff was friendly and energetic, and the dogs were emotionally healthy and having fun! It was the ideal combination of things. The trip was a great reminder to me about some key principles of running a great business.

Camp K9

Dogs Tips with Laura Nativo – Kids and Dogs

Kids and dogs seem like a natural fit, don’t they? But in all honesty deciding the right time to introduce them can be tricky. Recently, my friend, and Lifestyle Pet Expert for Hallmark Home and Family, Laura Nativo, featured my infographic “Supervising Dogs and Kids” on one of the show’s segments. That in itself is really cool, but what’s even better are the extremely helpful tips she gives to new mom, Debbie.

Happy family

What No One Tells You about Teaching Your Dog To Come

The world is full of interesting distractions and fun things to see. This is true for people and it’s true for dogs! I think this is one of the reasons I often get emails from frustrated pet parents who want to know how to get their dog to come to them. So in a world full of distractions here are some things no one tells you about teaching your dog to come.

Dog Running