Product Review: Lavien Braided Leather Leash

Here are a few things I love (outside of Starbucks Coffee of course, and my job!):

  1. Receiving packages in the mail (how fun!)
  2. When those packagES have awesome packagING
  3. Soft leather leashes for walking Denver

So imagine how happy I was when I recently received the Lavien Braided Leather Leash in the mail last week!


Is Off-Leash Play Really Good For Dogs?

I love watching dogs playing together off-leash. I make my living helping to teach people how to keep dogs safe when they are playing off-leash together. I love to see the joy on a dog’s face when they are really having fun and the exhaustion that happens after a good play session. But is off-leash play really good for your dog?

Dogs playing

Lost Pet Prevention Tips

A few days ago my doorbell rang and when I answered it, I was greeting by one of the neighbors and my dog, Denver! Turns out, Denver went outside and discovered the wind had blown the gate open so he took a stroll around the court. Luckily for me (and Denver), he is a friendly dog who doesn’t tend to stray farther than the nearest friendly person. He was recovered quickly and safely by my neighbor without incident before I even realized he was gone. But not every lost dog story ends as happily as this. has declared July Lost Pet Prevention Month and this is a great time to discuss how to be prepared in case your dog gets lost.


How to Handle Loose Dogs and Dog Fights

Imagine you and your pup are walking in the neighborhood one evening. Suddenly, you see something out of the corner of your eye. It’s a large, off-leash dog running in your direction. Or perhaps one Saturday you let your dogs into the backyard. The next thing you hear is the sound of snapping, growling and yelping. You rush outside to find the normally friendly pair fighting like sworn enemies. Quick! What do you do next? Your decision is critical to keeping both humans and dogs safe, and must be made in a split second. 

How to Handle Loose Dogs and Dog Fights