Four Must Have Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

Do you buy gifts for your pet? Of course you do!!! Are you looking for some great holiday ideas for your dog this year? You’ve come to the right place. Ranger has tested all of these products and gives them four paws up. If your pup hasn’t been spoiled with these fun items, consider getting one (or all) of these gifts for your dog.

Technology Devices for Dogs

I love tech products.  I love dogs.  So I REALLY love it when those two worlds collide.  Technology products for dogs!  And I’m seeing more and more of these types of products lately.  This fall, I have been playing with a couple items that are multi-faceted:  a dog toy, a high tech gaming device, and a smart computer, all wrapped into one combined product for your dog.  Meet The PupPod/Pet Tutor Bundle.  

Liver Brownies For Your Dog

If you’ve followed my blog or have been in any of my training classes, you have probably heard me mention the importance of high value treats for dog training. Inside my house I’ll train Ranger with kibble. But outside, where there are tons of distractions, I will increase the value of his payout by using higher value treats.

Five Must Have Items For Walking My Dog

Ever been out for a walk with your dog and you realized you forgot something important…like water, poop bags, money for Starbucks, your keys? Yeah…I have too. That’s why now I have five terrific tools I always use when I walk my dogs. These make my walks more enjoyable, I’m better prepared, and everything is ready to go whenever Ranger and I are ready!  So, in no particular order, here are my top five must have items for walking Ranger: