Is Your Daycare This Great?

February has become my new favorite time of the year. It’s the month that The Dog Gurus host the annual Daycare Games!  And it’s my favorite time of year because it is a chance to show the world what a well run dog daycare should look like. Dog daycare services have grown in popularity over the past 20+ years since I’ve been in the pet care industry.  And with that growth there are some common myths that prevail.  One of the myths is that daycare is unsafe and out of control. And to be honest, I’ve seen those kinds of dog daycares.  But trust me when I say there are GREAT daycares out there.  Is yours one of them?


Cold Weather and Your Dog – How Cold is too Cold?

Our pets do come equipped with their own fur coats but….Bone chilling temperatures and record snow falls have left many across the U.S. wondering just when we’re going to thaw out. As a fellow pet parent, or perhaps a pet care facility owner, have you wondered how cold is too cold for the furry friends in your life?  Check out this handy infographic and article “How Cold is too Cold?” by Dr. Kim Smyth.



4 Things Every Dog Should Know

Dogs are brilliant! And they love to learn. There is no end to things you can teach your dog. Dog training ranges from teaching basic manners, such as sit, to teaching tricks such as shake or play dead, to teaching sports and activities such as agility or scent work. Regardless of whether your dog is a stay at home pooch or a social pup who participates in a wide range of outdoor activities, here are four things every dog should know.

Happy dog medium

Why “All Dogs Can Bite” is a Terrible Motto

Ever watch cute dog videos on YouTube? They usually have a title such as “sweet dog plays with baby” and show dog/children interactions I wouldn’t necessarily deem safe (although I will admit sometimes they are pretty cute). Reading the comments section of these videos fascinates me. Some comments express happiness and applaud the owner for having a great dog. Other comments attack the owner as being irresponsible and reckless because the child could get bitten. These comments use the cautionary warning, “All dogs can bite” as a reminder to do a better job of training the dog and supervising kids and dogs. But “All dogs can bite” is a terrible motto to try to help people learn. 

This graphic from is a great way of teaching canine body language

This graphic from is a great way of teaching canine body language

3 Steps to Get Your Dog To Drop Things

The other day, I got a call from a friend who was lamenting the fact that her dog (a puppy) would grab socks, shoes, trash, basically anything not nailed down, and then play keep away with her. This is a common dilemma for dogs of all ages. They love playing keep away! So what can you do to stop this maddening behavior?

Dog playing tug