Dog Daycare: I Did it the Hard Way…You Don’t Have to

When I started my daycare in the late 1990’s, the dog daycare industry was in its infancy. There were no standards, no guidelines, and no one to ask questions of.

I had to navigate the obstacles and pitfalls alone. I had to figure out everything myself, from zoning issues to marketing. I learned by trial and error…and then more error.

But the good news is…you don’t have to!

That’s because I just released the second edition of my popular book, All About Dog Daycare…a Blueprint for Success. 



Many people reward themselves for a “job well done” with some type of scrumptious, chocolaty treat, and many more don’t even use it as a reward but simply as a “just because.” And if you indulge in this delight in front of your pets, you can certainly expect to be met with pleading, “I’m so neglected”, eyes. Don’t give in! What brings us so much delight can be extremely dangerous to our pets.  The ASPCA Pet Health Insurance outlines the dangers and symptoms in this infographic.


Why Halloween is a Great Holiday for Dogs

I have spent the past several years dreading Halloween on behalf of dogs. From a dog’s point of view it can be scary: people who don’t look human, large crowds made up of mostly children walking around in the dark, lots of doorbells, the yelling of “trick or treat.” Really…from a dog’s point of view it can be traumatic to encounter all of these new things all at one time on Halloween. But this year, I’m focusing on why Halloween in a great holiday for dogs and their owners.

Halloween puppy

Does Feeding Your Dog “Human” Food Make Him Beg?

I train with treats and I recommend good quality dog food. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for me to suggest people train their dog with leftover dinner meat, turkey hotdogs, or mozzarella cheese. When I make those suggestions, I am always surprised by how quickly people respond with the question, “But if I feed my dog human food, won’t it make him beg?” There seems to be a persuasive idea that feeding human food is what causes dogs to beg. Is that true? 

Chihuahua looking at leftover food on plate at dinner table