This Christmas Gift Idea has Truly Gone to the Dogs (and the family members who adore them!

Got kids?  Got dogs? Got kids AND dogs? Then visit The Family Dog website TODAY and start your Christmas shopping! I’ve been training families for over 20 years and this is the perfect gift for those families who always say “Can you just come home with me and train my dog?” Give the gift of a well-trained dog…in a format that the whole family can enjoy! 


Fun Dog Jobs for Kids

Your dog is your child’s best friend, protector and confidant. Their bond is indescribable and loyalty immeasurable.  As the parent, you are responsible for creating a safe and healthy environment for their love to blossom but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while doing so!  Check out the great ideas in this infographic from The Family Dog for getting even the littlest in your house involved in fun dog jobs! Also, be sure to visit The Family Dog website for dog training for the entire family…it’s completely online!

Fun dog jobs for kids copy

Dog Daycare: I Did it the Hard Way…You Don’t Have to

When I started my daycare in the late 1990’s, the dog daycare industry was in its infancy. There were no standards, no guidelines, and no one to ask questions of.

I had to navigate the obstacles and pitfalls alone. I had to figure out everything myself, from zoning issues to marketing. I learned by trial and error…and then more error.

But the good news is…you don’t have to!

That’s because I just released the second edition of my popular book, All About Dog Daycare…a Blueprint for Success. 



Many people reward themselves for a “job well done” with some type of scrumptious, chocolaty treat, and many more don’t even use it as a reward but simply as a “just because.” And if you indulge in this delight in front of your pets, you can certainly expect to be met with pleading, “I’m so neglected”, eyes. Don’t give in! What brings us so much delight can be extremely dangerous to our pets.  The ASPCA Pet Health Insurance outlines the dangers and symptoms in this infographic.