Dog Bite Prevention: Never Saw it Coming

Recently I shared a free infographic with you regarding Stop the 77, and keeping both kids and dogs safe.  Today I want to pass on a quick video (also from The Family Dog), and a disclaimer:  have the kleenex handy! Here, you will see the other side of the story, the side that is rarely spoken of but is vital to every family and every dog.  Check out for more resources.  Keep everyone safe and help prevent dog bites!


Dog Bite Prevention: Stop the 77

Dog Bite Prevention Week is May 17-23, 2015.  Did you know that 77% of dog bites come from the family dog or a friend’s dog?  It’s time to “Get Smart, Listen Up and Speak Out” and a great way to start is with this free infographic from The Family Dog.


Be sure to visit Stop the 77 for even more information!

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6 Questions about Your Dog’s Training Class (and the one important question that rarely gets asked)

I’ve been teaching dog training for over two decades now. I’ve worked with clients both individually and in groups and focus primarily on family pet training (household manners and having a good pet). Here are the most common questions I get about starting a dog training class…along with the one important question that rarely gets asked.

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Why I Love Platform University


Want to reach more people with your message? Looking for ways to succeed faster? Then let me introduce you to a great learning opportunity. I’m not an affiliate…I just LOVE the program and want to share the knowledge! Platform University – how I love you so! Let me count (just a few of) the ways:

  • Platform University offers GREAT information packed with new ideas from an EXPERT in the platform building field. Those who know me know I admire and respect Michael Hyatt an he’s the guy behind Platform University. If you haven’t read his book, Platform, start there! Want to get noticed in a noisy world? Platform University will help.
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  • You can access Platform University from any of your devices at anytime, making learning FLEXIBLE.
  • Michael Hyatt’s values and integrity are in line with my own brand. This is someone you can TRUST.

I’ve been a member of Platform University since it first launched (2 years ago) and it’s been well worth the money.  If you’re interested in learning more about increasing visibility for your product, service, cause, or brand, check out Platform University today! Enrollment will open soon!

Why Your Dog’s Training Class Isn’t Working

Have you ever attended training classes and marveled at the brilliance of your dog’s behavior only to get home and wonder why your dog is no longer well-mannered? Sadly, this isn’t uncommon. I recall one very frustrated owner telling me her dog was great with people in class but would still act like a nut when people walked by the house at home.

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