Why Halloween is a Great Holiday for Dogs

I have spent the past several years dreading Halloween on behalf of dogs. From a dog’s point of view it can be scary: people who don’t look human, large crowds made up of mostly children walking around in the dark, lots of doorbells, the yelling of “trick or treat.” Really…from a dog’s point of view it can be traumatic to encounter all of these new things all at one time on Halloween. But this year, I’m focusing on why Halloween in a great holiday for dogs and their owners.

Halloween puppy

Does Feeding Your Dog “Human” Food Make Him Beg?

I train with treats and I recommend good quality dog food. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for me to suggest people train their dog with leftover dinner meat, turkey hotdogs, or mozzarella cheese. When I make those suggestions, I am always surprised by how quickly people respond with the question, “But if I feed my dog human food, won’t it make him beg?” There seems to be a persuasive idea that feeding human food is what causes dogs to beg. Is that true? 

Chihuahua looking at leftover food on plate at dinner table

Veg Out with Your Pets!

As pet owners, we are all concerned about the overall health of our furry friends, and this includes their diet. You may find yourself debating moist vs. dry food, as well as the best treats with which to supplement their diets. This handy infographic from ASPCA Pet Insurance is an excellent reference for pet safe fruits and veggies (as well as those you should NOT let them get their paws on). Oh, and sorry pups but ice cream isn’t mentioned! 

Pet Safe Fruits and Veggies