Learn the Keys to Safe Dog-To-Dog Introductions

One of the keys to keeping off-leash play safe is learning to screen the dogs properly BEFORE you take off the leash.  For the first time, Susan Briggs and I are offering an online course to help you learn how to create a formal process to evaluate dogs for off-leash play at dog daycare.  This is a self-paced course that allows you to learn from the convenience of your home or office, interact with other students online, and talk with Susan and me on a live call each week. If you are going to offer dog daycare services, start by evaluating the dogs properly! 

The Dog Evaluations 301 course was designed to take you step-by-step through creating a dog evaluation policy and understanding how to screen dogs for daycare. Take this 3-week online course which offers a flexible, self-paced, format. Watch the material anytime during the course! Class is taught by Susan Briggs and Robin Bennett (The Dog Gurus). Starts Dec 2. $99.

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Once you complete the course you will:

  • Gain confidence that dogs admitted to playgroups are suitable to your environment
  • Get the information you really need from the client prior to the evaluation appointment
  • Know your evaluation process is consistent regardless of who leads it or the applicant dog being assessed
  • Communicate dog behavior information and evaluation results clearly to clients even when you must deliver bad news
  • Ensure your groups are comprised of dogs that enjoy off-leash play and assigned to the right playgroups

Prerequisite: Basic dog language and group play knowledge

Audience: This course is designed for experienced people that have responsibility for performing dog evaluations for social playgroups.

Cost: $99

For more information, check out the registration page at The Dog Gurus.