Canine Gym — in a Box!

I have been big proponents of FitPaws equipment and have also recommended The Klimb platform from Blue-9 Products. These are both great products to add some fun games and activities to your dog’s life. These are both great products that can help you promote your training services and/or add as upsell services to your training clients. Regardless of how you use them, I am a huge fan. 

So, imagine my excitement when I wandered into the New Products Showcase area at SuperZoo and discovered FitPaws and Blue-9 Products had partnered together to create the Gym in a Box! One of the great things about SuperZoo is you can get a sneak preview on all the latest and greatest products and this was no exception.

I promptly rushed to the Blue-9 booth to see it for myself. If you’ve been wondering what equipment to get for your facility or just to have for your dog at home, this makes your decision easy.  Just get the Canine Gym in a Box.

Check out this live video I did from SuperZoo.