Pssst … Dog Trainers This Post is for YOU!

The Family Dog is awesome and now they have a an AMAZING program just for Dog Trainers. The FAMILY DOG PRIVATE TRAINING PROGRAM – includes absolutely every single thing a trainer needs to make working with families fun, easy and INSANELY EFFECTIVE.

The program includes unlimited access to an online family education program (PEACE LOVE KIDS & DOGS) for the trainer’s clients as well as a full 6 week in-home private session curriculum, homework emails already written, handouts, tips, tools, video guides and an ENTIRE marketing package! I’m super excited about this, and so are the great folks over at The Family Dog. You’ve really got to check this out TODAY!

But that’s not all!  The Private Training Program includes BOTH dog safety programs to market yourself and help grow your family client base!  These unique resources are also available for trainers a la carte: 

  1. I SPEAK DOGGIE -a turn-key preschool dog safety program based off of TFD’s popular music video.
  2. DOG STARS -a super easy, plug-and-play dog safety program with music videos and games made for elementary school-aged kids.
  3. COMBO PACKAGE -both of the dog safety programs sold together for maximum community marketing potential of trainers’ businesses.

So, what are you waiting for? Check them all out today!

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