Dog Daycare Standards

I have been involved in the dog daycare industry for over 20 years. When I first opened my daycare people had no idea what daycare was, or why a pet parent would want such a service.  Over the past two decades I have seen that change to the point that many pet parents think it’s unusual if their dog doesn’t want to play with other dogs, and dog daycares are a growing part of many pet businesses.

I’ve seen the good:  Daycares helping families develop happier, healthier dogs by providing an energy outlet for the pet.  But I’ve also seen the bad and the ugly: Dogs have gotten hurt due to the poor practices of some dog daycares.

I want to help stop this problem by educating dog daycare business owners as well as pet parents on what makes a high quality, safe daycare.

There are is a wide variety of educational resources available for dog daycare owners both online and at industry shows.  There is a trade association (The International Boarding and Pet Services Association) to provide a voice for our industry.  And in just a few weeks there will be a Professional Animal Care Certification available.  Things are definitely moving in the right direction for those who care to do things right.

But what about help for the pet parent?  What questions should you be asking when you leave your dog at a dog daycare?  Check out handy resource by The Dog Gurus which shows minimum standards for the Dog Daycare Industry.  Use this guide and start asking the right questions to keep your dog safe.  ,