The Unexpected (and Inevitable): Protecting and Preparing Our Pets

With the reminder from Hurricane Harvey in our minds, now is a good time to focus on protecting our pets.  From fires in California, to hurricanes in Florida, to poisons and cancer in canines, as pet parents, we are responsible for being prepared for both the unexpected and sadly, the inevitable. There are so many “what if’s” to be considered, it really is overwhelming but necessary. Don’t despair! There are resources available to help navigate these waters, and below are a few for you to keep handy.

Recently, a group of 4 pet experts from WIPIN (Women in the Pet Industry Network) formed a new coalition called UP (to the 5th Power): United Pet Professionals Promoting Pet Parent Preparedness. Meet the members, and take the first step to being a prepared pet owner:

  • Denise Fleck, Pet First Aid:
    Learn about pet first aid, disaster preparedness and senior pet care with Denise, also known as “The Pet Crusader”
  • Debra Hamilton, Attorney:
    From preparing plans to care for pets if their owner passes away or becomes ill, to mediating disagreements involving pets, Debra is an attorney who loves pets and pet owners.
  • Lisa Brambilla, BioUrn for Pets:
    Saying goodbye to your pet is extremely difficult under any circumstance. To help alleviate that pain, Lisa created the BioUrn to allow a pet’s memory to live on.
  • Judy Helm Wright, Pet Grief Coach: and
    Intense sorrow follows the loss of your pet. Judy’s resources help you prepare for what is in the future, and when your pet crosses over the Rainbow Bridge.

Do you have any additional resources to add? Feel free to comment below. Let’s all be prepared now, rather than adding stress when the “what if” really does happen.