Five Must Have Items For Walking My Dog

Ever been out for a walk with your dog and you realized you forgot something important…like water, poop bags, money for Starbucks, your keys? Yeah…I have too. That’s why now I have five terrific tools I always use when I walk my dogs. These make my walks more enjoyable, I’m better prepared, and everything is ready to go whenever Ranger and I are ready!  So, in no particular order, here are my top five must have items for walking Ranger:

  • Leash: My standard leash is usually a 6’ leather leash. However, I’m currently trying out a biothane leash, which I happen to love! It has the feel of soft leather without the requirement to wear it in. Plus, it stands up a bit better than leather when it gets wet.

  • Blue-9 Pet Product Balance Harness: Ranger is a young, adolescent…and he’s strong! We continue to work on loose leash walking, but from time to time he will pull on his leash and I don’t want his nylon collar choking him. So for longer walks, I use the Balance Harness. I love this harness because it has 6 different adjustment points for a perfect fit. It sits well behind his front legs so there is no chaffing under his legs, and there is no strap across his front legs so he has full range of movement when he is wearing it. That means, he can swim, run, jump, and play with the Balance Harness on.

  • Thirty-One Sling Back Bag: It’s ridiculous how much I love this bag! It’s small enough to carry even on long walks without weighing me down, but large enough for everything I might need! I use this bag for water, keys, identification, money, extra poop bags and, if I’m going to training Ranger, I also include Frisbees, a ball, and a long line. Really…it all fits so easily! I love the strap because I can adjust it quickly to either wear it over my shoulder, or wear it cross-body (which is my normal preference so I can be hands free). I also love that I can access everything in the bag without having to take it off. It’s the most versatile walking bag I’ve ever had. I’m not a consultant for this company but I do love their products!

  • Treat bag: I take treats with me nearly every time I walk. I use the Doggone Good Trek and Train which I clip to my belt loop or to the side of my pants with a carabiner. It has plenty of room for treats and a small pocket in front that I fill with extra poop bags. My treat bag usually contains a wide range of treats from boring kibble, to really high value liver brownies and everything in between. When Ranger makes great choices, he gets great treats that match the degree of difficulty of his choice.

  • Dicky Bag: Now this one is a bit unique, but I never go on a walk with Ranger without the Dicky Bag. It comes from the United Kingdom but was worth the extra shipping cost to get it! Here is the best description which I took right from the website: “The Dicky Bag is an award winning stylish neoprene bag that’s lightweight, airtight, washable and leak proof which can be attached to you or your dog and stores those nasty knotted plastic bags until you find a suitable bin.” No more carrying around those poop bags after using them. Now I can have them out of sight (and smell) until I find a trashcan. I attach my Dicky Bag to my Sling Back Bag so its easy to carry. I would buy this again in a heartbeat if anything happens to the one I have! For a complete demo, check out the videos on the Dicky Bag website.

What are some of your must-have items when you walk your dog?

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