Is Your Dog Under the Weather?

Our pets can’t tell us when they’re not feeling their best but the signs are there when they have an upset tummy … lethargic, uninterested, sad puppy eyes, eating grass. If they could talk, they’d probably say they just feel “Blech! Time for the bland diet!!”

Very recently Ranger was feeling the same way, and while I hate that his little stomach was upset, it did give us a chance to try out a brand new product. Have you heard of Under the Weather Products? No? Well, let me tell you they’re awesome!

I chose the chicken and rice mix for Ranger. It was super easy. Just add water to their freeze dried mix and that was it! Not only is the prep easy, but the ingredients are completely natural and made in the USA. Ranger was feeling MUCH better in no time! I will absolutely have a bag or two on hand at all times!

I’d recommend this product for anyone who has a dog.  And if you own a pet care facility, this product should be on your shelves in case you have a dog in your boarding facility who needs a bland diet during their stay.

If your pet has tried Under the Weather before, what was their favorite recipe? Leave a comment below If you’re brand new to Under the Weather products, check them out:

Your pup will thank you!!

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4 thoughts on “Is Your Dog Under the Weather?

  1. Thank you so much for this great blog/article! I do the marketing for this company, and things are really going well. So glad you have experienced this product line, and that Ranger is back to normal.

    • Thanks, Cherie! I love more going to the story to buy chicken or thawing out what’s in the freezer. I can just use this in a moment’s notice.

    • What company manufactures Under the Weather food? I want to recommend it to my local independent pet supply store.

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