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I love tech products.  I love dogs.  So I REALLY love it when those two worlds collide.  Technology products for dogs!  And I’m seeing more and more of these types of products lately.  This fall, I have been playing with a couple items that are multi-faceted:  a dog toy, a high tech gaming device, and a smart computer, all wrapped into one combined product for your dog.  Meet The PupPod/Pet Tutor Bundle.  

First…the legal stuff:  This is a sponsored post, but opinions and thoughts are 100% mine!  Plus…I only promote products I use. –Robin

Ranger has been playing with the PupPod for a while now.  The PupPod Wobbler uses the familiar and well-tested KONG Wobbler as the exterior shell, but rather than having a hollow inside where you can place treats, the PupPod’s insides are filled with a sophisticated computer/gaming system. The actual device has

  • a motion sensor (it can tell when your dog is nearby)
  • a movement detector (it can tell when your dog touches it)
  • plus a light and sound system which you can set yourself either individually or together (so it works for blind and deaf dogs too).

The PupPod is the ultimate gaming device for you and your dog.  Pairing the PupPod with your phone allows you to play multiple games with your dog.  At the easiest level, you dog just has to walk near the PupPod and the motion sensor will tell you to reward your dog with a treat.  Easy peasy.

But once that level is mastered, just like with any game, it gets more challenging.  As you move to level 2, the dog has to touch the PupPod and the movement detector will tell you to reward your dog with a treat.

And since your dog is so smart, that won’t take long at all…so the next challenge (level 3) is for your dog to learn to only touch the PupPod after it makes a certain sound (or when the lights flash).  When he is right, you’ll reward your pup with a treat.

At the most challenging level (level 6), your dog will learn to actually discriminate between sounds. Your dog will learn to touch the device only when he hears the right sound.  Dogs are super smart and this will really test their cognitive skills in a fun way!

Ranger is only at level 3 so far.  He LOVES to touch the PupPod, but hasn’t learned yet that he will only get a reward if he touches it after the R2D2 sound I’ve chosen for him.  I like watching him try to figure it out.  And believe me, Ranger is like a teenager on an Xbox when he is playing.  He loves trying to figure out the game and just a short period of time playing will tire him out mentally (which I LOVE). And despite the fact that Ranger is extremely food motivated and frequently gets food-stuffed Kongs, he has never tried to eat the Wobbler.  He must know there is no food in there!

But now…pair the PupPod gaming system with the smart computer technology of the Pet Tutor and things get even more amazing.

The Pet Tutor is a bluetooth app controlled treat dispensing device that can help change unwanted dog behavior such as barking, crate phobias, and separation anxiety by rewarding your dog even if you aren’t standing right next to him!

  • Want your dog to move away from the door when the doorbell rings?  Put a Pet Tutor in the kitchen and remotely reward your dog in that location so he moves away from the door!
  • Leaving the house and want to reward your dog while you are gone?  Voila…Pet Tutor to the rescue. It works even when you aren’t there.
  • Want to only reward your dog when he is quiet in the crate?  Yep…Pet Tutor can do that too by detecting when your dog is quiet and only rewarding those times.

And GAMES…the Pet Tutor can be used for fun games too. By pairing it with the PupPod, you no longer need to reward the dog…the Pet Tutor does it for you.  So your dog can play games even while you are working, taking a shower, or putting the kids to bed.

Pairing the Pet Tutor and the PupPod allows you to provide an engaging and interactive game for your dog to prevent boredom.  It’s a great rainy day exercise when you can’t get your dog out of the house.

So why am I telling you all this? For a limited time this holiday season these two dog technology brands have come together with a special bundled offer.  Get the PupPod/Pet Tutor bundle for a special price.

Not sure how this all works?  Here is the first 3 minutes of Ranger learning that touching the PupPod will cause the Pet Tutor to dispense a treat.  My dog is brilliant!  🙂

Send me your videos of your dog playing high tech games!

Got other games you can play with these two devices? Leave a comment below!

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    • It’s lots of fun, Shirley! I was just trying to get some work done and Ranger wanted to play. I put the PupPod/PetTutor down and let him play for 8 minutes then took it away…he’s sounds asleep now. Love it!

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