Four Must Have Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

Do you buy gifts for your pet? Of course you do!!! Are you looking for some great holiday ideas for your dog this year? You’ve come to the right place. Ranger has tested all of these products and gives them four paws up. If your pup hasn’t been spoiled with these fun items, consider getting one (or all) of these gifts for your dog.

Ranger and his brother, Sirius pose on The Klimb

The Klimb
Every dog needs at least one Klimb (Ranger has two…because he’s super spoiled).

The Klimb is a multi-purpose platform for your dog. Now, I know what you’re going to say…you teach your dog to go to his bed, or to a mat. YES! So do I. However, I’ve found by using The Klimb the “go to” behavior is so much stronger, AND so is Ranger’s stay behavior. Seriously, Ranger is magnetized to his Klimb! I can literally put it anywhere and he will get on it and wait to do something with me.

  • I can use it when the doorbell rings (to have less chaotic greetings when people come over)
  • I can use it when I’m eating dinner (so I don’t have a Labrador nose sniffing my food)
  • I can use it when I am at a trade show (so Ranger doesn’t go play with every other dog he sees)
  • I can use it when I’m at a campground or the beach when I’m hanging out reading a book (so Ranger relaxes too)
  • And with two of them…I can stack them to elevate Ranger for a bath or grooming

Giving a bath on the Klimb

It’s so much more than “just a mat.” Not only is it functional…it’s extremely well made:

  • Lightweight
  • Stackable
  • Legs can be removed and stored underneath
  • Easy to carry with a built-in handle on the side
  • Durable
  • Easy to store

I can’t say enough good things about The Klimb.  Want better behavior from your dog? Get a Klimb.

Get your pup an iFetch automatic ball launcher

The IFetch (or IFetch Too)
Got a dog that loves to chase balls? Get him an iFetch (for small dogs) or an iFetch Too (for larger dogs. This product is an automatic ball launcher that lets you play with your dog while saving your shoulder from throwing the ball over and over and over. Let the iFetch toss the ball for you. I can even use it in the house (it has a 10’ setting) when I need Ranger to get a little bit of exercise but I don’t want to break the windows throwing a ball in the house. Outside it can throw up to 40’. And you can even teach your dog to put the ball into the iFetch himself! Dogs are so smart! The iFetch is fun, it’s innovative, and it’s a great gift for ball crazy pups!  Get your dog an iFetch today!

Einstein Pets Treats
Need stocking stuffers? Get the Einstein Pets Santa’s Helper treats! These are tasty treats in cute little heart shapes, flavored like sweet potatoes, white turkey and cranberries. And if that’s not enough, they come in a super cute holiday packaging. Einstein Pets treats are my go to gift for all my doggie friends! Great stocking stuffers and great treats year-round because they have so many flavors!! Get these cleverly crafted dog treats for your pup this year!

Holiday stocking stuffers and year round treat from Einstein Pets

Get your puppy started off right!

Raising Your Puppy Online Course
Just got your puppy? Get your new furry friend started off on the right paw with my online Raising Your Puppy course. This is an online, video-based course that shows you want to do every week of your puppy’s life from 8 weeks of age to 6 months of age. Give yourself (or a friend or family member who is getting a puppy) the gift of a well-mannered puppy by signing up for this course. Watch online from home, on your whole time, with your whole family…start today, but you have access to the course for 3 YEARS! This is the perfect way to get started on training while you are waiting to sign up for a group class! Sign up today! (Gift certificates also available).

Hope those gifts help give you some great ideas this holiday!