Developing a Levels Based Model for Group Training

An online program that will help you revamp your group training program (Taught by Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA)

If you're like me ...

  • You teach group dog training classes to help build stronger relationships between dogs and their owners
  • Watching pet parents learn about their dogs is the highlight of your day
  • You love teaching and understand the importance of Group Dog Training Classes

But of course, it's inevitable that when teaching group classes not everyone finishes and those who do don't continue training....

Frustrating isn't it?

  • ​Dogs and their owners get bored or anxious because they're all required to learn at the same pace
  • Or they don't sign up for additional classes because they're too busy and can't find time
  • Or they don't sign up to begin with because they just can't commit to a 6-8 week class each and every week.

Guess What? I've Been There, Too!

"Robin gave a ton of great ideas for rolling out a levels training program as well as logistical details for how to do it."

- Rachel Brewer, The Dog Spot (Nashville, TN)

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your Levels training program concept. I bought your online program and made the change late last year, from 6 week set courses, to LEVELS! The classes have run so well, clients are enthusiastic and the dogs are truly thriving on the self-paced training program."

- Laura Ryder (Australia)

But then I discovered Levels Training and it changed how I did business!
I know it can do the same for you!

With A Levels Based Model for Group Dog Training
you’ll get the following benefits:

Keep Clients in Training Longer

Clients attend classes based on their schedule so they stick around longer!

Raise Client Satisfaction

Clients work at their own pace so they make better progress with less frustration

Increase Your Training Revenue

Clients are willing to pay more for a more flexible program and they train for longer

"Learned a totally new way to offer training classes for clients."

- Positive Petcare, LLC (Ypsilanti, MI)

"Implementing the levels based training program has allowed me to grow my training program from 2 days a week to 6 days a week, 4 trainers and increase revenue by 35%. Most importantly it is creating a happier home life for dogs and their humans."

- Eve 

Levels Training is a new, more flexible way to offer group dog training classes to your clients.

This unique approach offers busy family pet parents an alternative to traditional training classes that follow a set schedule and syllabus. It also increases your ability to tailored training classes to the skill level of each individual dog.

Levels Training is for new trainers just starting out, experienced trainers who want to change their training format
AND any trainer who wants to increase revenue!

Why is it Better for Clients?

The flexible structure enables them to attend more classes on their own schedule. It also gives them the chance to work at their own pace and their dog’s skill level, which makes it more fun for everyone. No more trying to keep up with the Jones'!

Why is it Better for Dogs?

Like humans, dogs don’t all learn at the same pace. This format allows them to work on a behavior until they’re proficient at it…instead of being rushed through to the next thing. For dogs who catch on quickly, it keeps them
from getting bored.

Why is it Better for Trainers?

Because clients can work around their own schedules, they’re more likely to keep coming back. That means that enrollment rises and drop-out rates are reduced, which leads to more revenue. 

Levels also lets trainers work with the same clients for a longer period of time. 

And when you know your clients well, you can help them build an even stronger relationship with their dog.

"The best thing about this class was being able to implement a more flexible schedule for clients."

- Rachel Whitford (Mandarin Pet Care, Jacksonville, FL)

Register for "Developing a Levels Based Model for Group Training" and radically transform your group training program

is for anyone who wants an easy, step-by-step formula for implementing this innovative training model. The course will help you discover a better way to increase revenue, decrease student drop-out rates, and strengthen the bond between owner and dog. If you are currently doing standard group classes or if you are thinking about adding classes, this course will help you design a more profitable system for running your classes.

How it Works

Through both web-based lecture and video (everything is online and broken down into 6 modules), you'll learn the exact steps to restructure your classes using the Levels Format. AND, you'll have unlimited access to the course materials! There is no expiration date, you'll have the course materials for as long as you need! 

What You’ll Learn

  • Pros and cons of the levels format
  • Move-up criteria for each level
  • Effective class management
  • Dealing with special needs dogs
  • Program administration and staffing
  • How to prevent burn-out
  • Common challenges and troubleshooting

What's Included

Module 1: What is Levels?

Module 2: How to Structure the Program

Module 3: The Training Environment

Module 4: Scheduling

Module 5: Financial Considerations

Module 6: Transitioning to Levels Training


Announcing A Special Bonus Orientation Video Plus....

In addition to the regular course material, participants will also receive my personal orientation video that I give to students before they show up for Level 1. 

You also get these Bonus Items:

  • Suggested Move Up Criteria
  • Sample Class Schedules
  • Sample Class Waivers
  • Sample Marketing Materials

​The bonus orientation video AND materials above (worth over $200) includes the exact materials I use for my classes including handouts, video, Powerpoint presentation, an audio file, and transcript. Use them as is, or tweak them to fit your unique training program.


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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you do the course work within 30 days but it doesn't help let me know and I will refund your enrollment fee. 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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How Hard is it to Switch if I'm Already Teaching Regular Group Classes?

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