Gratitude in My Grief

A week ago I had to say goodbye to Denver, my Labrador Retriever. He was a special dog to me and my family. He and I had an amazing bond, forged over the nearly 13 years I had him. Some dogs are just like that. If you’re reading my blog, you probably already know these things and know exactly what it means to have a “heart dog.” In trying to work through my own grief over losing him, I thought it would help to write about some of the things I’m grateful for during Denver’s last days.

Canine Gym — in a Box!

I have been big proponents of FitPaws equipment and have also recommended The Klimb platform from Blue-9 Products. These are both great products to add some fun games and activities to your dog’s life. These are both great products that can help you promote your training services and/or add as upsell services to your training clients. Regardless of how you use them, I am a huge fan. 

Getting Involved with Service Dogs

Everyone has probably seen service dogs, helping people who have physical challenges operate more effectively in their day-to- day routines. But what goes into the training of a service dog to make it such a great companion?

For starters, there’s the gear: different leashes, head collars or vests can be important. For example, a gentle leader head collar might allow a service-dog- in-training to eat and play, all while learning to focus on their handler. A vest is a great tool that might allow others to know that the dog is working and should not be disturbed. Although gear is important, even more important are the people who raise service dogs. The end result of the hours, weeks, and months involved in helping to raise and train a service dog is a hardworking animal that offers help to others. It takes time and energy to raise a service dog, including the willingness to take an animal out into the community so it develops the social skills that are necessary to daily life even before the dog gets it’s service dog training. Interested in learning more about the specifics that go into helping train a service dog? Use this graphic to get started, and check out this article.

WhiskerDocs 24/7 – because things happen at all hours of the day!

I recently attended BlogPaws in Phoenix and while the weather was H.O.T., I discovered a super COOL resource for pet owners – whiskerDocs! The pet experts at whiskerDocs know that weird things can, and do, happen to our pets at all hours of the day, and those experiences can leave pet owners shaken and shaking their heads. Need a 2nd opinion? Wondering if the mushroom your dog ate is poisonous? Looking for REAL answers to ease your mind? Look no further because whiskerDocs has the expertise, patience, understanding, and desire to help with this and so much more.

Arousal and Aggression in Dogs

If you’ve spent any time around me you have heard me say something to the effect of, “Arousal and aggression are linked.” It seems to be a mantra that is one of my soap box issues and I say it at least once every time I give a seminar.

  • It’s the reason I don’t want to roughhouse with dogs too much.
  • It’s the reason I don’t want play at the dog park to go uninterrupted for too long.
  • It’s the reason I stress that daycare staff need to supervise the dogs.
  • It’s one thing I want everyone who deals with dogs to understand.

Arousal and aggression are linked! But what does it really mean?